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Customer Satisfaction Report CSR ID Number: 4

Ted Medina - DBA - Fishbone Home Maintenance

Owner: Ted Medina
182 Swiss Village
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
(970) 749-6350, (970) 582-0161

Customer: Larry Augsbury

Post Date: November 19, 2013

Heading: Ever request a quote from a contractor, agree on a price, prepay a percentage of that price to execute the agreed upon contract, and to cover materials, only to receive untimely service, poor quality and craftsmanship, and have them abandon the job before it is finished? Well, you're not alone. That's precisely what happened to me involving the deck staining contract entered into with Ted Medina dba Fishbone Home Maintenance.

Issue: Ted Medina dba Fishbone Home Maintenance, Customer Dissatisfaction
  1. This contractor failed to perform our contract, completing only a fraction of it (maybe 35%) over a 2 month period, after being paid up front in cash 57% of the contract value.
  2. My 32' ProTop Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder L-3022-32PT was stolen from my property during that 2 month period.
  3. After multiple broken promises of dates by which he would finish, and with the arrival of cold Rocky Mountain Colorado weather preventing the project from being properly finished until the following Spring, I filed a law suit against him on October 17, 2013.
  4. I also filed a Police Report with the Archuleta County Sheriff Department on my stolen ladder and ran an ad in the Pagosa Springs SUN newspaper offering a reward for information leading to the return of and/or conviction for the theft of my ladder which ran in their November 7, 2013 classified ads section of that issue.

Customer Overview: Here is what happened during this awful ordeal:

  1. On August 12, 2013, I hired Ted Medina doing business as Fishbone Home Maintenance to strip the paint from my deck railing and restain my deck and railing. He quoted me a price of $875 to which I agreed and paid him $500 as a good faith payment to execute our contract and purchase materials. That $500 check cleared my bank on that same day of August 12, 2013.
  2. Also on August 12, 2013, I sent Ted Medina an email reiterating my expectation of quality craftsmanship and further alerted him of this customer satisfaction web site where consumers world-wide can post reports - and comment on other consumer's reports - on levels of customer satisfaction received from vendors. I also informed Mr. Medina that I would post this report on my satisfaction of the service and quality he provided, during which I also expressed my belief that this report could provide an advertising service (free-of-charge) of significant monetary value to his business; and to please consider this report as he performed our contract.
  3. On August 25, I asked Mr. Medina in an email when the project would be completed. On Monday, August 26, his response was, "The deck will be done this week."
  4. On August 30, I expressed my concern to Mr. Medina via email about the project's lack of progress, the damage to the wood which was removed from the railing, from the rain, sun, the lack of the screws being removed and the lack of the wood being stacked on a flat surface to keep it from warping and twisting. No reply was received. On Aug 31, in an email I requested that he deliver the stain so that I could apply some to 2 small slats on the garage that had been recently replaced by another contractor. That request was also ignored.
  5. On Tuesday, Sep 3, Mr. Medina came over in the evening to convey his excuses why the job was not getting done, assuring me that the project would commence completion the following day. It did not. All that happened was that his 16' trailer was left on my property for the next 3 days. On that second evening, Thursday, Sep 5, via email, I informed him that if the project did not commence completion the next day I would begin looking for another contractor to finish the job.
  6. Friday evening, September 6, I emailed Mr. Medina noting that he had removed his trailer from my property but had not done any work on the deck. (It was at this time that my ladder went missing from my property.) I informed him that another contractor was supposed to look at the deck over the weekend.
  7. The other contractor did not show up and the project languished on for another 11 days with a negligible spattering of work being performed.
  8. On Tuesday, Sep 17, Mr. Medina emailed me the following: "Larry, I will be working on it this week... It will get done."
  9. On Monday, Sep 30, Mr. Medina emailed me again: "I will have it done this week for sure." I replied that if he did not keep his word this time, I would have no choice but to seek satisfaction by other means.
  10. By Thursday, Oct 17, when I filed a claim in court, and a police report for my stolen ladder, only about 35% of the project had ever been completed.

OUTCOME: Here's the final vendor/customer resolution of this incident:

Customer Satisfaction Rating Factors:

So if I were to begin my ranking with a rating of 0, the final rating would be the result below:

Customer Satisfaction Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 10) 0 with the annotation of Hire at your own Risk - Buyer Beware!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Ask for references, and call them, asking them to rank their customer satisfaction with that particular project and vendor. Also, ask the references to describe exactly what they liked best, and what maybe they didn't like so much, about that project and/or vendor.
  2. Google your Secretary of State web site and search for whether your contractor is listed as a registered business in your State. Neither Ted Medina nor Fishbone Home Maintenance are registered businesses in the State of Colorado.
  3. Ask whether the contractor is bonded and insured, and if so ask for documentation to verify that it has not expired.
  4. It's very difficult to find a customer satisfaction oriented business in today's world of profit driven organizations. So when you find one, spread the word because it is in all consumers interest that these vendors continue to succeed and proliferate! And if you get burned by a disreputable business, also spread the word to spare your fellow consumers the grief you had to endure!
  5. We, as consumers, must spread the word amongst ourselves to support the businesses who deliver customer satisfaction to their customers (and visa-versa too, of course, like this report is doing); especially since they are getting harder and harder to find in the 21st century!
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