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Customer Satisfaction Report CSR ID Number: 3

Crystal PC Services

President: Kenneth Appel
1479 West Bristol Road
Flint, MI 48507
(810) 715-0362

Customer: Larry Augsbury

Post Date: November 22, 2013

Heading: In July, 2012, I moved to Michigan from New Mexico to pursue a life-long ambition to develop a Customer Satisfaction web site:

Issue: Computer Consultant Customer Satisfaction
  1. I owned an outdated server with software whose OS was no longer supported by the OEM.
  2. I needed expertise in Linux OS, obsolete server hardware, and programming expertise in broad-scope languages spanning the entire spectrum of web site development.
Customer Overview:

Throughout my entire business relationship with Crystal PC Services, which was fraught with hardware and software obsolesce problems, especialy deprecated code and those related complications thereto ..., Crystal PC went far beyond the normal retail service expectations I would have have anticipated, provided to the contemporary computer consumer. Their exemplary service, expertise, professionalism, and customer service I received was extraordinary, and still exceeds all my expectatations despite my specific (and ok-- I admit "pedantic") needs.


If exemplary customer satisfaction, at an affordable price, is your goal, then I recommend without reservation taking your computer needs to Crystal PC Services. I am confident they will exceed your expectations, as they did my unique needs time-and-time again!

Customer Satisfaction Rating Factors:

So, I began my ranking with a rating of 0 -- since I had absolutely no expectation that I would ever see my server perform like it was just three years previously -- the final rating would be the result below:

Customer Satisfaction Rating: (On a scale of one to 10) 10 with the annotation of Unsurpassed in my 28 years of computer customer service experience!!

Lessons Learned:

  1. It's very difficult to find a customer service oriented business in today's world of profit driven organizations. So when you find one, spread the word because it is in all consumers interest that they continue to succeed and proliferate!
  2. Stick to your guns. Maybe that's a bad idiom; and dates me! OK. Stick to your convictions. That's probably better! The customer service oriented businesses like back in the good old days of consumerism treated the customer with respect to the point where the best businesses had a policy that the customer was always right; even when they obviously weren't-- which was quite often! But those businesses thrived and their customers were happy.

    Why am I digressing here? Because it's a convenient segway to my example of how Crystal PC Services is just such a customer service oriented business.

    Ken tried to convince me for a year to switch to a server on the cloud which would serve me better than the one he had upgraded for me; but I was stubborn. But after moving out of state I had more trouble with my server and hired another computer consultant to help. But during the performance of those services my server crashed and I lost all my data and web sites!

    Needless to say I was despondent; so I turned to Crystal PC.

    You got it! They saved the day again; and were able to recover all the data from my web sites from back-ups they made, virtually recreating all my content, databases, and code, on the cloud-- where Ken had told me I should have migrated to over a year before!

    So, this potential tragedy had a happy ending thanks to my luck in having found Crystal PC Services!

  3. We, as consumers, must spread the word amongst ourselves to support the businesses who deliver customer service to us; especially since they are getting harder and harder to find in the 21st century!

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