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Customer Satisfaction Report CSR ID Number: 2

Century 21 Champions, Inc.

Broker/Agent: Nancy A. Montoya
2601 Main Street S.W.
Los Lunas, NM 87031
(505) 866-4721

Customer: Larry Augsbury

Post Date: December 28, 2012

Heading: In 2012, I bought two houses in Los Lunas with the exceptional broker services of Nancy Montoya. Technically speaking, I actually signed two purchase contracts on properties - the 1st in May and the 2nd in June - which ultimately didn't go through:

Issue: Real Estate Agent/Broker Customer Satisfaction
  1. The first property did not pass some key inspections of primary importance to me which caused me to terminate that sales contract.
  2. The second property was my dream home! I loved everything about it. I could have lived there happily ever after... But office politics at the new job of just six weeks caused that sales contract to also be terminated just prior to the sale being finalized!
Customer Overview:

Throughout that entire six week ordeal, which was fraught with obstacles and delays, the only constant was the exemplary expertise, professionalism, and customer service I received from Nancy Montoya. In fact, extraordinary as this sounds, I actually felt that I was treated more like family than like a generic customer!


If inimitable customer service, far beyond the 21st century (no pun intended) norms, is important to you then Broker, Nancy Montoya, is the clear choice for your Los Lunas real estate needs.

Customer Satisfaction Rating Factors:

So if I were to begin my ranking with an average rating of 5, the final rating would be the result below:

Customer Satisfaction Rating: (On a scale of one to 10) 10 with the annotation of Unsurpassed!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Never be too eager to put more earnest money down than is absolutely necessary-- no matter how sure you feel that you want to own a particular property!
  2. I was so certain that I wanted to own the property at 7 Shadows Drive in Los Lunas that I volunteered to put down $10,000.00 in earnest money. Big mistake! Nancy Montoya counciled me that $2,000.00 would be sufficient!
  3. After most of the inspections were performed, I had that dizzy, queezy, feeling of cognitive dissonance, or buyer's remorse, which made me uneasy. Then, after I received news of the well inspection report, I was no longer sure that I wanted to own that property. Plus, after nearly three weeks, a signed contract addendum had still not been performed. So I realized this property was not going to work for me and I exercised my right to terminate the contract.
  4. Only through the concerted and persistent efforts of Century 21 Champions, Inc., was the Title Company finally able to issue a check for the return of only 59% of my earnest money. In reality, the release of the earnest money could have remained disputed - instead of resolved - through a legal process which could have meant I might not have received back any of that earnest money for years, if ever-- were it not for the valuable services of Century 21 Champions, Inc.!
  5. On April 21, 2013 - 11 months after I terminated my purchase agreement there - I was still receiving occasional emails of Real Estate Listings of Los Lunas properties from a Re/Max realtor I initially spoke with before choosing Nancy Montoya, which still included the property at 7 Shadows Drive on the market!

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