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Customer Satisfaction Report CSR ID Number: 5

D & C Drywall and Painting2009 XL1200C Sportster totaled 12/12/12

Thornton, Colorado 80260
(720) 403-5482

Customer: Larry Augsbury,

Post Date: July 2, 2015

HEADING: This was a rescue mission to recover my HOME from abject neglect and ruin. Recovering my walls was imperative to being able to tolerate living in my home as opposed to living in the disgusting environment in which the tenant had left it.

ISSUE: In January 2015, I contracted with D&C to repair all the damage to my walls, then texture, and paint the walls and ceiling that had been severely damaged by my tenant's careless painting and over-slop.2009 XL1200C Sportster totaled 12/12/12

OVERVIEW: Here's what's happened over the last five months:

  1. Every room in my home - one by one - had to be completely stripped bare in order to repair all the holes in the walls and remove all the remnants of their sloppy painting. Then, after all the walls and virtually everything within their reach had been recovered from their destruction, everything had to be reassembaled.

OUTCOME: Here's the final vendor/customer resolution of this incident:

Customer Satisfaction Rating Factors:

Customer Satisfaction Rating: (On a scale of one to 10) 6

The factors listed above were significantly important to me.

Lessons Learned:

  1. NA

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